Once you have made the excellent choice to buy one of our products you will need to turn your mind to site preparation. As with any form of construction, the foundations upon which our products are placed are the most critical component. The more time and care that you the customer put into site preparation, the more you will get out of our product.


One of the main problems faced by customers when selecting a product regards site access. Although each of our product ranges is assembled on site, one needs to ensure that the site has a side-entrance, with unrestricted head height for any product over 8ft in width. Should this not be the case, please inform us before delivery and we will endeavour to provide a solution.


At the very minimum, you must ensure that the area where you intend to have your new purchase installed is largely LEVEL to the naked eye. Should this not be the case, the intended erection may be subject to delays and extra costs.

In general our products can be installed on grass, earth or gravel. In this instance, the structure will be placed on 4-inch solid concrete blocks. However, bearing in mind the principle described at the beginning of this section, you may wish to construct a concrete base before delivery.


As described above, should the intended site be grass, earth or gravel, the structure will be placed on 4-inch solid concrete blocks. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the requisite number of concrete blocks on site at the time of delivery. Blocks can also be supplied at cost.

An estimate of the number of blocks (provided that the site is level to the naked eye) needed for any particular garden shed, is given on the Prices page per shed size. In relation to other products please ask one of our representatives.