Product Care

In the main our products are constructed largely from timber. As such a certain amount of post installation care will need to be undertaken by you the customer. Notwithstanding that all our products are guaranteed for one year with respect to materials and workmanship, annual maintenance will ensure your continued enjoyment of our product well into the future.

Timber Treatment:

With the exception of Pressure Treated timbers all other products require the external application of an oil based wood preservative soon after installation and thereafter as recommended by the preservative manufacturer.

Although strictly not necessary we do recommend that an oil based repellant be applied to Pressure Treated buildings soon after installation as an additional protection Irish weather conditions. Remember garden sheds by their nature are not damp proof.

In general, anything that may retain moisture must not be allowed to be in prolonged contact with timber. This includes all plants and foliage. Non-observance of this in particular will invalidate any liability with regard to our product guarantee.

Metal Work:

All metal objects, such as hinges and bolts, should receive a liberal application of grease on an annual basis.